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Onavo Protect - VPN Security app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 9856 ratings )
Business Utilities
Developer: Onavo, Inc.
Current version: 1.27, last update: 5 months ago
First release : 25 Mar 2013
App size: 24.04 Mb

Onavo Protect helps keep you and your data safe when you browse and share information on the web. This powerful app helps keep you safe by understanding when you visit potentially malicious or harmful websites and giving you a warning. It also helps keep your details secure when you login to websites or enter personal information such as bank accounts and credit card numbers.

Onavo Protect works to:

• Warn you when you visit potentially malicious or harmful sites
• Help secure your personal information when youre on public Wi-Fi
• Add an extra layer of protection to all of your mobile data traffic by using our VPN

How it works

To provide this layer of protection, Onavo uses a VPN to establish a secure connection to direct all of your network communications through Onavo’s servers. As part of this process, Onavo collects your mobile data traffic. This helps us improve and operate the Onavo service by analyzing your use of websites, apps and data. Because were part of Facebook, we also use this info to improve Facebook products and services, gain insights into the products and services people value, and build better experiences.

Pros and cons of Onavo Protect - VPN Security app for iPhone and iPad

Onavo Protect - VPN Security app good for

Still testing it, but is free and effectively efficient. Waiting Beta version. Congrats!!
Since I installed Onavo Protect , I even got all access in Saudi Arabia
Was skeptical because none of the apps work but this one did! Super easy and even works for getting American Netflix!!
I have had @ least 10 VPNs and AdBlockers that are all good and unlimited and best of all FREE (well, some give you 30 hours and some 3 GB). Ive had luck w/ the highly rated, free VPNs like Onavo, Betternet, 123VPN, My Data Manager VPN, FreeVPN, ArkVPN, Browsec, and SecureVPN, among others, so much so that I can still access US Netflix periodically w/ some if not most of the mentioned VPNS. Among the abovementioned, Onavo seems to be the one thats consistently working ("connected") w/ an occasional down time here and there. Needless to say, it is my MOST favourite VPN overall.
Great app ,using the web or e- mailing.(you probably are not going to be able to improve on it much). Lets you know if youre putting sensitive information out there, or logging on to an unsecured website!! Cant count how many times its warned me!! LOVE IT . Thanks guys
As a former network administrator, Ive relied on this product with great success for over 2 years now! Unfortunately many posting these reviews dont like what they dont understand

Some bad moments

Cant install profile anymore - app is useless now Latest update still didnt fix it ... or is it an iOS 10 issue?
They hack into your Netflix and when they do that, they can hack into your credit card!!
I cant use Siri with this Vpn and sell your sensitive information.
Turns off and on by itself. You cant turn it off yourself the app would have to be deleted for it to go away
I was directed to this app by a rogue web browser hijacker that stated your iPhone is hacked and the battery is damaged.. This is disgusting advertising tactics and I am reporting both the affiliate and this app itself for allowing this style of shady advertising. Your going to sit there selling a VPN service by falsely stating your phone is hacked? HOW? I AM A CYBER SECURITY TECH IN TRAINING; YOU EXPLAIN TO ME HOW A POP UP SCRIPT HACKED MY IPHONE AND OVERLOADED THE BATTERY TO THE POINT OF PHYSICAL DAMAGE! WHAT IS THIS MR ROBOT? DOWNLOAD THIS APP, GIVE IT A 1 STAR NEG, AND DELETE IT WITHOUT LAUNCHING THE APP. DO NOT GIVE THESE CLICK BAIT ROGUE AD WB HIJACKERS A SINGLE PENNY! Really bothered that Apple allows this type of disgusting shady advertising tactic; frighten a laymen into thinking their phone is hacked to download your crappy VPN? Thats like me robbing a bank only to walk out the back, and come back as the hero police man.. They are causing the problem that directs you to their solution. This is disgusting.

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